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New Year Greeting from 

Hengshui Jinghua Steel Pipe Co., Ltd

Time flies, we are about to usher in a brand new 2018, in this beautiful moment, I would like to, on behalf of the Chairman Mr.Du Shuanghua of Jinghua Rigang Holding Group and Hengshui Jinghua Steel Pipe Co., Ltd., thank the leaders, partners and all the staffs who have always been concerned about and support the development of Hengshui Jinghua.

2017 is a further developed year of "25th Five-Year Plan" for Hengshui Jinghua. In this year, it strived to achieve a sales volume of 1.6 million tons and reached a record high over the years in the environment-friendly production restriction and the hard market. At the same time, we accelerate the transformation and upgrading of products, of which annual sales of 300,000 tons of gas-fired steel pipes have become the leading manufacturers of gas pipe in China.

In 2017, we spare no effort and persevere in creating a modern, energy-saving and environment-friendly enterprise.

      In 2017, we set up Xiong an new district as an opportunity to set up the office of Xiong an, aiming at connecting with the national enterprise steel pipe technology to lead the development of the industry.

In 2017, we strengthened and participated in the organization activities such as industry associations, industrial chain summits, and more focused on user interaction. We has participated in the exhibitions in Guangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai, Thailand and other places; and in Xining, Xinyang, Changsha, Wuhan, Shanghai, Jizhou and other places held various forms of customer talks, the domestic market, poor logistics and transport, product specifications are not full , Lack of supply and other issues to communicate, aiming to mutual benefit and keep win-win situation, spread Jinghua service-oriented philosophy, allowing users to rest assured that the responsibility of Jinghua.

Upcoming 2018, Hengshui Jinghua moment to "increase benefits, reduce labor intensity, improve the production environment, share the fruits of development" as its mission; along the "market on the market, according to their ability , Grasp the rhythm and strictly control risks "; continue the development goal of" strengthening new product development, optimizing product structure, improving product quality and improving sales service ", and making the differentiated products become refined, bigger and stronger, make a own special way.

Hengshui Jinghua is willing to help friends from all walks of life to help each other and win-win sharing, let us confidently meet the new journey.

 Finally, I wish you all the good health and career advancement in your new year and the happiness of your whole family!



Hengshui Jinghua Pipe Co., Ltd.

                               General Manager: Wen chaofu

                                           December 31, 2017

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